Canada’s Lightspeed Retail Adopts New Features to Inventory Management Software

Lightspeed, the leading omni-channel point of sale software and support system provider announced the inclusion of new features that focus on inventory to Lightspeed Retail’s wide range of tools. The company specializes in providing services such as inventory management control software for restaurants and independent retailers, and currently has clients in more than 49,000 locations.

Dax Dasilva, the CEO and founder of Lightspeed stated: “There has been an increasing demand for a measurement tool to help retailers in complex verticals better manage the surplus or shortage that frequently arises as a result of product shifts. These features help our customers fully understand what factors are affecting their stock, from overselling items to purchase orders, so that they can plan their product operations accordingly.”

Lightspeed Introduces Multiple Inventory Control Features

The new features in Lightspeed’s inventory control software is now being equipped with new features such as newly supported image formats and dimensions, negative inventory reports, vendor returns, and home data driven dashboards.

These features allow user merchants to display their products on online platforms with greater customization for increased sales, ease managing inventory with return orders, and provide optimized data on revenue, refunds, profit, discounts, and sales. Further, the new software tools can help retailers in identifying issues such as deficits in inventory stocks through detailed reports from Lightspeed eCommerce and Lightspeed Retail platforms. In addition, the omni-channel feature allows seamless and intelligent management of back orders and pre-orders, online and in-store.

Lightspeed Focuses on Innovative Feature Addition

Owing to positive response from clients on the new features of the Lightspeed software, the company has been focusing increased efforts on the development of other improvements, to aid in boosting functionality and increasing scope of sales.

Some of the new and innovative features that are in the development pipeline include an iOS app for retail POS, which will provide enhanced POS experience with smoother workflows, a retail sales ledger for easy access to workflow and sales data, and import enhancements to reduce set up time, through easy data migration capabilities, and improvements to the existing limit of sku.  

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